Exercises for Bigger Arms

5 Best Exercises for Bigger Arms to get Size Increased within 4 Weeks

Making bigger as well as attractive arms isn’t simple enough especially in a small interval of time. You have to properly make a schedule of Exercises for Bigger Arms.

Is it really possible to make bigger arms in just 4 weeks? Yes, it’s possible if you follow a proper diet and do regular exercise. So, here I come up with the top 5 best exercises to make your arms bigger.

#1 Pull-Ups:

 Exercises for Bigger Arms

Pull up is a multi-joint exercise. You can target different muscles by simply changing pull up angles. It is a very good exercise and helps to strengthen your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, etc.

Just make your grip tightly on the pull-up bar and try to pull yourself up until your chest touches the pull up bar. Then hold your body at that point and slowly get to your starting position.

Repeat this process for 10-15 times in the beginning but try to increase it when your body will become used to it.

Benefits of Pull-ups-

  • It is very beneficial for your back, make it stronger.
  • It is simple but gives benefits to compound exercises.

Once you become master in classic pull up, you can upgrade it to the next level to activate other muscles.

#2 Triceps Dips

 Exercises for Bigger Arms

Making your triceps more attractive and powerful, triceps dips are very useful in this case. If you do it regularly the upper arm especially from your shoulder to elbow is gonna be tuned up and you get bigger arms as well.

So let’s discuss how to actually do triceps dips (at home)-

Sit on the side of any heavy structure like a bed, low table, etc. Some advice to do it in a chair but I don’t recommend it. Since chairs are too lightweight, it can be broken.

After sitting on a strong structure, grip it with your hands and remember to keep them towards your feet. After a tight grip extends your legs and tries to make your hip free so that you can move it free as shown in the picture.

(Tip: try not to do these exercises for bigger arms on a slippery floor, otherwise you might be slipped)

Then give pressure on your palms and try to lift your whole body to the ends of the substance. After that bend your arms and go as lower as you can but don’t touch the ground.

Repeat the entire process and try to do more times after a few days.

Benefits of Triceps Dips:

  • It activates your whole upper arm.
  • Makes your arms bigger in 4 weeks.
  • If teaches you how to balance your body.

#3 Dumbbell Biceps Curl

 Exercises for Bigger Arms

The dumbbell biceps curl is also very beneficial for getting bigger arms. To do it, first, hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand up, make sure your palms face forward.

Now lift the dumbbells to your shoulders and make sure to keep your palms also positioning towards your soldier. And do the same process with the other hand. Then slightly back your hands to its starting position.

Repeat this process 10-20 times in the beginning.

(Tip: It is more beneficial if you do it slowly)

Benefits of Dumbbell Biceps Curl

  • Gives awesome look to your biceps
  • It increases the overall strength of your body.
  • Gives you bigger arms.

#4 Diamond Push-ups:

 Exercises for Bigger Arms

It is basically an upgraded version of traditional push-ups. But once you become a master in it, it could be really very helpful for you in making bigger arms.

Let’s discuss how to do diamond push-ups-

As it is named, to do diamond push-ups just make a triangle with your hands with your shoulder. If you do it properly, your hand makes a triangle shape together. And keep your arms straight, tight and just below your shoulders.

Then slightly bring your chest down and if possible touch chest. Go to your initial position. Repeat this process as much as you can. Generally 10-15 in the first day.

Benefits of Diamond Push-ups

  • Not only good for arms but also for the chest.
  • Make your arms strong and bigger.
  • It gives more benefits than regular push-ups.

#5 Dumbbell Kickback

 Exercises for Bigger Arms

It is a very helpful exercise to tone your arms and make them bigger and attractive as well. This exercise is very simple, a beginner can also do it easily.

Let’s discuss how to do it-

First, hold a pair of dumbbells tightly. Then bring your head forward and bend your Knees to move hips backward.

Then move your elbows upward so that your upper arms are parallel with the ground. Hold your position until you feel burning in your arms. When you have done, slowly move dumbbells to its initial position.

Repeat this process to get bigger arms in 4 weeks.

Benefits of Dumbbell Kickback

  • It helps in building stylish triceps and makes your arms bigger.
  • It reduces fat from all over the body.

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Q: How can I increase my biceps size in one month?

If you do the 5 workouts regularly for 30-60 minutes I am pretty sure you are gonna achieve bigger arms around 4 weeks. But, it is very important to push your limits.

But a beginner has to start from the lowest level and as time goes and he as well as his body finds the exercises simple then he has to upgrade them.

For example, for the first 5 days, you can do regular push-ups rather than diamond push-ups. But, as you become used to it, upgrade it.

The main fundamental of bodybuilding never stops in the same exercises, keep pushing your limits.

Q: How to get bigger arms with dumbbells?

It depends upon how much time you can spend with dumbbells in a day and your regularity, but if you do the workouts I have mentioned above you can see good results within 4 weeks.

I have mentioned how you can make your arms bigger in just 4 weeks with simple 5 exercises for bigger arms. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section. Share it with your friends if you like it.

That’s it for today, I will see you in the next one.

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